Rhino Patrol Members

Andrew Samaneigo (Senior Patrol Leader)

Louie Bottenberg (retired)

Quartermaster:  Scott Kehrelien

Kevin Lesyna Scribe

Peter Seumalo (retired)

George Frehner (has a life)

Taylor Foley APL

Antonio Ruiz Patrol leader

Rhino Yell

Who Rocks The house

I say the Rhinos rock the house,

and when the rhinos rocks the house we rock it up and down and all the way around.


Pop Nye 2008

1st Place Plant ID

Pop Nye 2009

3rd Place Overall Field Events (Green Ribbon)

Field Events:

1st Place Rifle Shooting

2nd Place Plant ID

2nd Place Mystery Event Campsite Test

3rd Place Knots

3rd Place First Aid

3rd Place Map and Compass


Golden Spoon Chili Cook off 3x Champions!