Current Anteater Patrol Members:

Ryan McCormick – Patrol Leader
Vibhi Ganapathy – Assistant Patrol Leader
Austin King – Scribe
Micah McClure
Nick Battelo
Aidan McGloin
Wesley Blomquist
Assistant Scoutmaster: Scott Kehrlein

Anteater Yell

Anteaters, Anteaters,

We eat ants,

Anteaters, Anteaters,

We can’t dance!

Pop Nye

1st Place in First Aid
1st Place in Archery
2nd Place in Knot Tying
3rd Place in Pop Nye Challenge
3rd Place in Plant ID
3rd Place in Map and Compass
Presidential Award (earning over 90% of the possible points)


Aidan McGloin 909-793-4095 (Home)
Austin King 909-446-1103
Collin Norris 909-793-9508
Micah McClure 909-792-6504 (Home)
Nick Battelo 909-794-5717 (Home)
Ryan McCormick 909-798-1356 (Home)
Vibhi Ganapathy
Wesley Blomquist